Sun is out, the fans are here - Spain beware!

September 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

HUGE game for Susijengi tonight at the Stozice Arena !

Eurobasket train keeps on trundling along - and it's a massive game for Susijengi vs Spain tonight.. but here are some good omens for the game coming up later on in the afternoon.

- Susijengi played well in the warmth of Koper, so to my delight I woke up to a hot Ljubljana (well Domzale) morning on Saturday. It almost was as warm in Koper. Maybe it was the cold weather and nil-atmosphere on Thursday that threw the Finnish game off tracks ;-)

- The Fans! A plane load of Finnish fans have arrived on a specially chartered flight from Helsinki to support the Susijengi for the last two games in the second week of competition. And we know what difference the Susijengi support can bring!

- After the defeat to Italy, the Finns came back with one of their best games here - the Double-OT win over Russia. So more of that today.. and it's all possible.

- Last but not least, I made sure that I wear my odd pair of socks (not going for colourful this time) of one black and one grey sock on. Finns haven't lost in Slovenia when I've had this colour combination of socks. 

The last one on the list just goes to show, it's been an extremely long summer on the road for me.. my reasoning is losing even the last bits of connection to reality. Although, if the Finns do win tonight.. then I might get to ask the whole team to wear odd pairs of socks while they play.

This summer really has been one long stint at hotels, trains, buses, rental cars, games, training sessions, media days.. a quick calculation shows that from the last 75 days.. I have spent 60 !!! abroad on various tournaments of games. While it has been really great and I've met some brilliant people and seen some extra ordinary games.. now it really starts to feel like maybe it would be good to spend some time at home as well. But that's going to take a while.. as I won't get any days home before the end of the month, which will make it 75 of the 90 days spent abroad. 

That must get close to me being exempt from taxation in the UK :-) I must get over some limit of working long enough abroad to not have to pay taxes...

So - five more hour and the ball rises in up in one of the biggest games of the year for Susijengi.. let's hope we hear the big support from the Finnish fans tonight!

For me - the fun never stops, images to edit, videos to go through.. 


p.s Good to have been spotted so many times in Ljubljana yesterday - somehow people seem to pick me from the crowd. Rumours keep flying around ;-)



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